Let People Do the Job You Hired or Contracted Them to Do!

By David L. Kurtz
We all know people who micro manage, why do they do this? One idea is that it is fear. The fear of the business closing, no control over quality, feeling that people are not working as hard as they should, Feeling employees don’t know how to do their jobs... It all comes down to trust, do you trust your team members? It could be you just have not been clear in your direction. It could also be things are not happening fast enough for your taste. It could also be you don’t communicate well to get your plan in place. You need to stop and plan so you know what you need and who will do the work. Then at this point let them do the job!
We have been talking about how you manage your team. How you might be giving them the wrong direction or no direction. You need to stop beating them up for the fires you have started. You need to take a moment and write down your plan of what things need to happen. Then delegate your jobs accordingly. If you are hiring someone to help you with a project or task, then listen to them. That is what you are paying them for. Don’t undermine their situation in public, work with them to get your goals accomplished. You will be surprised at how much you will get done.
Another great benefit is you will be respected and your following will grow. Just think what will happen when your team respects you, Your business will grow and build plus it make a difference in your community. It is funny what can happen when you remove fear and become pro-active!