Someone Yelled Fire! Why Are You Just Standing There?

By David L. Kurtz
Business is war. There really is no other way to say it. Everyone is trying to be the best seller on the newsstand. They want to stand out and be seen and the first to sell. We all get it! But why do people go out of their way to put down their competition? It is a cheap way to get ahead but it is short lived. Normally it becomes a tit for tat and a battle of pride. The point is to avoid shooting others down as you never know how it will come back to you.
Think first about the better mousetrap idea. If you are working with a group then remove yourself and think that you could do it better, then boast/put them down about it, STOP! The bridge you have burned will never be as sturdy again. In fact you may have created your biggest competitor.
When you burn a bridge in the business world or in a personal relationship it will never turn out well. Even if you repair the damage, you will never be fully trusted and or given good referrals. If your goal is to build a solid networking base think twice before the actions you take.