Your Words In Action!

By David L. Kurtz
Like anyone in business you have an outline of things you need to do everyday. Your focus is on sales and productivity. You need to measure your results so you know what you need to do next. Likely you know all this, but did you know that successful business people who you work with and underneath you have their plans as well. Your list will not only help you, but give additional direction for others you work with on the road to success.
The To Do List is your key! Write it down! By having a plan in your head but not putting it down on paper you will probably lose your way. You will battle fires and be reactive. If you get your plan for the day, month and year in place you will have more success and manage your time better. Think of it this way. The details and actions on your list will get completed and you just check the list off as you go. A person not doing can forget important details. It’s like going to the gas station, getting your coffee and& forgetting the gas you need. Next thing you know you're out of gas and stuck on the side of the road.
No matter how you look at it “The To Do List” is the holy grail of successful people. Think it! Write it! Do it! No other way to say it!